PHP Command Line Basics : How to discover PHP features

Learn how to use the PHP command line interface to discover PHP features

Using the PHP command line interface (CLI) you will be able to discover more methods, functions and in built PHP functions. In this PHP tutorial you will using the PHP CLI to find and discover aspects of PHP that you may not be aware of.

  • Author: Peter Fisher
  • Duration: 08:29
  • Views: 424
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How to use the PHP Interactive shell

Learn how the PHP interactive shell can be used

In this PHP CLI tutorial you lean more advanced techniques when using the PHP programming language

Author: Peter Fisher
Duration: 10:31
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How to use the PHP internal server

Learn how to run your website on the PHP internal server

PHP has an inbuilt server that you can use to run websites when developing or testing. This PHP CLI tutorial demonstrates how to run websites using the PHP internal server and how you can use it to test features of your website.

Author: Peter Fisher
Duration: 15:00
Views: 184

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