Linus Steps Down Linux Gets a Code Of Conduct - What is Going On?

Some major news in the Linux world has erupted in the last few days. Linus has stepped down from the Linux Kernel, the Linux code of conflict has been removed and a new code of conduct has been added to the Linux kernel.

You can see the diff here:

This has caused a stream of bickering amongst the Linux community which is unfortunately creating a toxic environment and stunting rational discussion.

One of the concerns that people have is due to author of the code of conduct and not the document itself. The code of conduct was written by Coraline Ada Ehmke who is a self-professed social justice warrior.

Also as Linux Tolvards steps down from the Linux Kernel some are fearing that we no longer have a sufficient barrier of entry or code quality gateway to the Linux kernel.

Some are also suggesting that a SJW (Social Justice Warrior) should not be allowed any where near the open source community.

In this video I explain what this could mean for Linux going forward and I give my take on what is going on with Linux

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