Best JavaScript Frameworks To Learn In 2018 | Angular vs Vue vs Ember vs React vs Titanium

Let's talk about the best JavaScript frameworks to learn in 2018

In this video I will be comparing React, Vue, Angular, Ember and Titanium.

I also give some insights into what these tools can do and when to use them in every day web development.

Not every application requires a JavaScript framework or library and caution needs to be taken when selecting the tools that you use in your projects.

There are downsides to using these JavaScript tools so you need to think carefully about what framework or library your web application needs.

Some of the disadvantages to using a JavaScript framework is that the developer becomes invested in that technology and for the most part they need to conform to how that JavaScript tool functions. This can lead to bigger maintenance over heads, restrictions in future development and even slower applications.

Native JavaScript and CSS has come along way in recent years. Some of your applications requirements might be achieved far easier and quicker when adopting a framework-less approach to web development.

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