Docker Machine

4 Tutorials
34 minutes

Learn how to use Docker Machine

Please be aware that Docker has ended active development and support for Docker Machine.

It is now recommended that native Docker apps such as Docker Desktop be used to manage local Docker instances.

Docker Machine is a tool made by Docker that lets you install the Docker Engine on virtual hosts, and manage the hosts with docker-machine commands.

These hosts could be running locally or a Mac or Windows box, on a company network or even on virtual private servers via cloud providers such as AWS Digital Ocean or Linode.

By pointing the Machine CLI a the host you can run Docker commands directly on that host

Machine was the only way to run Docker on Mac or Windows previous to Docker v1.12. Starting with the beta program and Docker v1.12, Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows are available as native apps.

This is a beginner friendly course that will teach you the basics of installing, configuring and using Docker Machine.

Learning outcomes

  1. How to install Docker machine on Mac OS
  2. How to create virtual Docker machines
  3. How interact with your Docker machine

Recommended Knowledge

  1. A basic understanding of the command line
  2. A basic understanding of virtual environments
  3. A basic understanding of Docker

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