Hands-On Microservices With Python from Peter Fisher

Hands-On Microservices in Python course contents

  1. Building Microservices in Python

    1. The Course Overview
    2. What is the Microservices approach?
    3. How Microservices are structured?
    4. What Tools Are Used to Build Microservices in Python?
    5. How to handle data in Flask?
    6. Creating a Basic Microservice in Flask
  2. Designing the order management microservices

    1. The Order Management System
    2. The User Registration Service
    3. The Product Service
    4. The Order Service
    5. How the order management service could be improved?
  3. Building the Order Management Microservices

    1. Creating the Frontend Website
    2. Creating the User Microservice
    3. The Product Service
    4. The Order Service
  4. Microservices Security Best Practices

    1. Security Concerns with Microservices
    2. How to implement oAuth for identity and access control?
    3. Security Monitoring Tools for Microservices
    4. How to lock down microservices from public access?
  5. Documenting,Testing and Deploying Microservices

    1. How to test a microservices in Python?
    2. Tools Used to Deploy Microservices
    3. How to Document a Microservice Using Swagger?
  6. Docker Containers and Microservices

    1. What is a Docker container?
    2. What is a Docker swarm?
    3. An Overview of Docker Commands
    4. How to deploy microservices in Docker containers?>

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