Typecast as a frontend or backend or full stack web developer

There are many types of web developers. Traditionally there are frontend developers, who tend to deal with the client sided components such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML and user journeys.

The opposite of a frontend developer is a backend developer, who’s skills focus around server based processes, core computational logic and features that are indirectly accessed by users through a frontend application.

We also have full stack developers. These are developers who are both skilled in the frontend and the backend of an application. They are normally familiar with CSS, HTML and JavaScript of the frontend as well as backend languages such as PHP, Python and Go.

Backend and full stack developers often have knowledge of data storage engines such as MYSQL, MongoDB and other SQL/NoSQL databases

If I had to label myself I would use the term ‘full stack developer’.

However there is more to just this label.

In today’s live stream I’m going to answer a question that was asked last week about feeling pressured to learn different languages and if I have any regret in choosing the web development disciplines that I know.

I’m also going to talk about the impact upon recuritment when using these labels to define who we are as developers.

Join me at 2/10/18 17:30 (GMT)

Questions and comments welcome during the stream. I will try to get to the questions at the end of the stream.

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